Codependency recovery worksheets

Ferguson, Ph. The Enabling Worksheet. By Peggy L. Recovery from "codependency" is a developmental process that occurs over time.

Recovery is not a finite event, but rather an ongoing evolutionary process. People who identify themselves as "codependent" know what they are trying to eliminate and change in their lives, but they may not be so sure about what healthy looks like from a codependent's frame of reference. Although there are as many definitions of "codependency" as there people who have written about it since the ls, every definition I have ever come across has involved "dependency" as a major area of concern.

Early on, codependency was described as the family member's dependence on the alcoholism, like the alcoholic dependence on alcohol. The definition has continued to evolve over time, and it has come to be used to define the maladaptive dependence on people and things outside of self, to provide a sense of identity, self-esteem and purpose. Communication in Addiction Recovery —.

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Families just don't know what to do with themselves when the designated alcoholic or addict gets sober. The first year of recovery is a time of confusion, joy, fear, anger, sadness, happiness-in short a full range of emotion.They are usually outward-focused and devote much of their time and energy to helping others, rather than investing in themselves. They bend over backward trying to be everything for everyone.

As a result, they burn themselves out. Some even get sick with stress-related illnesses.

codependency recovery worksheets

Being codependent means that we become a human doing rather than a human being. Much of the time we feel overwhelmed and under-appreciated. The codependent person expects others to give the same in return but they struggle to receive because it feels too vulnerable.

The hardest part is who they attract: people with addictions or narcissistic tendencies. Instead, they learned to sacrifice themselves and tolerate abusive behavior. With all these problems, why is it so hard for the codependent person to seek help? To move past the resistance here are some common beliefs that get in the way.

Because codependent people focus on others, they have trouble seeing their behavior as a problem. The codependent person believes that if only their loved ones would just act right, take their advice, or stop drinking — everything would be fine. Because of this, they are constantly exerting control, assuming that they have all the answers. With issues of control, conflict is inevitable.

No one likes being told what to do, but in codependent relationships, this happens frequently. Family and friends get tired of being told how they should behave. Unfortunately, the codependent person thinks they are just being helpful.

codependency recovery worksheets

Tip : Getting into recovery means confronting old beliefs and behaviors. Being able to give and take are essential qualities for building healthy relationships. However, the codependent person gives too much because that makes them feel needed. Codependent people have relied on themselves for so long that they naturally assume they can recover on their own. It feels too vulnerable to consider joining a group or going to a therapist but in order to build a lasting recovery, they will need outside help.

By joining a step program, like Al-Anon or CODA, they get access to a community that will encourage introspection and growth. This is an important first step in coming out of isolation and moving beyond the dysfunction. People working a step program make faster progress than those who attempt it alone. Tip : Take the time to find additional support. Even starting a private group with two like-minded friends can get you started.The SMART Recovery Toolbox provides a variety of methods, worksheets, and exercises to help you self-manage your addiction recovery and your life.

This collection of sensible tools is based on developing cognitive thinking skills to support you through addiction recovery. ABC Worksheet. CBA Worksheet. ABC Crash Course. Change Plan Worksheet. Derived from REBT Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy - this tool invites you to really evaluate what you believe about problems in your life and then test those beliefs to affect better reactions to them.

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Codependency Recovery Stages. Full Psych Central Webinar. Relationship Advice.

Activities Self-Assessment participants Activities Assessment professionals. Donald Meichenbaum and Dr. Julie Myers 1hr:1m.

Putting the Past Behind You. Rational Beliefs to Increase Frustration Tolerance. Decision Making. The Psychology of Depression. Exchange Vocabulary Tool.Healthy Boundaries Worksheet from Codependency Worksheetssource: pinterest.

Passive Aggressive and Assertive munication Preview from Codependency Worksheetssource: pinterest. Are you codependent If you answer yes to four of these questions from Codependency Worksheetssource: pinterest. Co dependency is one of the deepest almost pathologically from Codependency Worksheetssource: pinterest. Pin by Christy Strickland on work codependency Pinterest from Codependency Worksheetssource: pinterest. Download mental health worksheets for adults from Between Sessions from Codependency Worksheetssource: pinterest.

The Challenging Anxious Thoughts worksheet will teach your clients from Codependency Worksheetssource: pinterest. Stone heart on a wooden background codependency Pinterest from Codependency Worksheetssource: pinterest. Codependency is very difficult to define this is a good start from Codependency Worksheetssource: pinterest. Codependency Recovery Even if you leave for an afternoon of from Codependency Worksheetssource: pinterest. Related Posts.This page provides you with codependency worksheets.

Codependency worksheets help individuals identify if they are codependent on others. These worksheets help individuals learn ways to eliminate codependency in their relationships to prevent adverse effects on them and their lives. Some of these codependency worksheets have been made by us while some of them have been curated fro reputable third-party websites after reviewing relevant content in bulk. Codependency is a term used for a relationship in which one individual depends on the other individual for approval or sens of identity.

The individual who depends on the other thinks he can not survive or succeed without the help of the person whom he depends upon.

Thus, it is essential to identify if you are codependent on others or not, to overcome codependency for leading a healthy, happy and confident life. Some of the common causes of codependency include living in an abusive relationship, being harassed, feeling of worthlessness due to emotional abuse, neglect, poor self-esteem, poor confidence and so forth.

This codependency then continues in their later years of life too. Thus it is essential to identify codependency and work on it. The dependent and the individual whom the other individual is depending upon, both must work mutually to break codependency. The goal of both the partners must be to get rid of codependency and form an interdependent relationship in a way that both partners contribute something in a relationship.

This worksheet consists of six pages and gives a detailed note on codependency. The worksheet gives an extensive definition of codependency and mentions the relationships that are affected by codependency. It highlights the behaviors of codependent people and their characteristics to aid an individual to identify codependency in his relationship or in relationships around him.

The worksheet mentions some questions that can help identify if an individual is in a codependent relationship. It mentions the aftermaths of codependency and suggests some of the most effective ways in which codependency can be broken down. This worksheet is a great guide for learning facts about codependency, its symptoms, characteristics, and ways to overcome codependency. You can get access to this worksheet from here.

This worksheet enables individuals to identify codependency in their relationships by analyzing the symptoms of codependency. The worksheet help individuals to break codependency in various ways including meditating, exercising regularly, socializing, reflecting their feelings and so forth. It teaches individuals how they can develop self-compassion, positive self-concept, assertive communication and set boundaries.

You can get this great and at the same time effective, worksheet from here. In the same way, thoughts influence codependency in relationships. Codependency and distorted thinking enable individuals to identify their thoughts associated with their codependency and replace those thoughts with rational, positive and logical thoughts to help break down codependency.

This worksheet is really helpful for getting rid of codependency in a relationship and developing positive thinking pattern. You can download this worksheet from this page. Affirmations are the positive dialogues that help individuals develop self-confidence and gain trust in themselves.Living a stress-free life is not a reasonable goal.

The goal is to deal with it actively and effectively. New information helps us try things in new ways with a focus on creating what we want in our lives. Look over the handouts and see what speaks to you.

Print them off and bring them to your session with questions or for discussion. Action Plan Guidelines.

What's to know about codependent relationships?

Action Plan: If I Relapse. Addiction Recovery Homework. Alcoholism Patterns and Symptoms. Effects of Marijuana Usage. High Risk Situations.

List of Triggers. Codependency Packet:. This includes the following:. Information Sheet on Co-dependency. Moving Beyond Co-dependency. Boundaries and Circles. Anti-Procrastination Sheet. Common Self Defeating Beliefs. Cognitive Distortions. The Ladder of Emotions. Identifying New Beliefs Worksheet. Climbing the Ladder of Emotions. Disputing Irrational Beliefs.So, we created a set of codependency worksheets based on advice from mental health professionals, science, and personal experience.

After my sister, Jennifer, spent almost 5 years in a highly abusive relationship, we finally learned about this phenomenon called codependency. I began to process pieces of this puzzle that began to open and found so much relative to my life as a codependent. I constantly put the needs of others before my own and forgot to take care of myself…or did I ever learn how to take care of myself?

codependency recovery worksheets

Either way, the feeling of being needed outweighed the need to love myself. I could not stand to be alone. I was constantly in search of acceptance from everyone I encountered. I never had boundaries and rarely had to stand up for myself.

Did my codependency form as a coping mechanism? Was I given messages of not being needed or important somewhere along the way? Is that why it was so difficult for me to leave a toxic and abusive relationship?

That may have been the first time I felt needed or fulfilled and latched on strongly. I became extremely loyal to these toxic people and behaviors and allowed harmful situations to last way too long…all because I had lost MYSELF. We learned that codependency is essentially flawed mental and emotional programing pattern that almost always results in unbalanced and unfulfilling relationships with others and with yourself.

We also learned the good news that just as you can learn codependent behaviors, you can also unlearn them! We started interviewing experts, authors, therapists and counselors all about what it takes to recover from codependency.

We started studying it and still do from every angle we could find. Feel free to check out the Codependency No More Podcast here.

After a while, we consulted with some of these experts to create a framework for codependency recovery which we called Build Better Boundaries: Learn To Be Kind Without Being Codependent. It has over 3 hours of video lessons, along with a workbook we created.

Codependency For Dummies Cheat Sheet

She says it felt so good for people to use her. And when they got what they needed and shoved her aside, She spent all her time figuring out what was appealing to them so they would pay me attention and include her once again.

She dissociated further from herself. She had no clue who she was, only who other people made her out to be. The further down the road of codependency she traveled the more lonely she became. Even in a crowded room she felt alone. She thought she knew exactly who she was and what she liked and all the details of HER life.

Clueless was a great word to describe that time she spent trying to grieve and begin healing and recovery. Did you have to raise your siblings?

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Were you made to believe you were not worthy of love or affection? Did anyone ever tell you they were proud of you, just because? Do you thrive in toxic relationships? Taking a personal inventory can be a great first step to confronting codependency and identifying toxic people or behaviors in your life.

Placing priority on yourself and your needs is mandatory at any stage of this process. There is a wide variety of ways to take a personal inventory depending on your situation and goals. She was to monitor different areas of life, strengths, weaknesses, eat, sleep and exercise habits and her mood.

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